Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do You Believe in Psychics??

So my genius bff wanted to go see a psychic the other day and since I had nothing better to do, I went with her. I wasn't planning on getting myself read or anything, just going for moral support because I never believed in them; I always thought it was a scam to get money out of people. So while she was with my bff, I stayed in the outer room reading my book. When she finished, my bff came out and I asked her if the lady was any good and she said yes so I decided what the hell....still wondering if that was a big mistake or not.

Now the lady told my bff not to tell anyone about what they spoke about but she didn't tell me that so I'm not sure if its like against the rules or anything. So I will talk about some things she was able to tell me and things that kind of freaked me the hell out. First thing first, as soon as I walked into the room she was able to tell that I was Haitian and then she made me shuffle the cards. When I gave it back to her, the first card was DEVIL!!! My initial reaction was like what the hell??? The next card was freaking DEATH!!! (hence y I was freaked out) and the 3rd card was JUSTICE. Ok so the lady says she senses that I lost someone very close to me recently and I said yea my father passed away a few months ago and she's like his spirit is still with me and that he knows how much I'm hurting and he's not leaving my side. She also went on to say that the reason of his death that I was told isn't quite accurate and she asked what did they say he died from and I replied cancer. She shook her head no and said it was from witchcraft. Now the strange thing is that my mom honestly feels the same way, she thinks his sisters must have done something but of course there is no proof. Psychic lady went on to tell me that she see's that I'm having financial problems and relationship problems. She tells me that she sees I was in a relationship for 3-4yrs and I replied yes and she said we broke up because I felt like it wasn't going anywhere and I replied that was the truth and 'cause there were too many probs. In the end she informs me that I have spirits around me that are trying to get at me and that's why I'm having so much problems in different areas of life. So I ask how do I get rid of them, do I need to start going back to church or something and she says no I can pray anywhere, not necessarily church. She says there's this procedure she does that will get rid of the spirits and I respond but isn't that witchcraft and she's like no. Now this is when she makes me go back to my original views about it being all about money; she tells me the procedure is going to cost me $1200. Whoah lady sorry not happening.

Til this day I do wonder if what she told me is true because it could probably explain why there are so many problems in my life and with my fam. My mom says she doesn't believe in psychics because they are not worshipers of God (which I always agreed to). The psychic lady told me that once these spirits were gone, my career would take off and I would find that guy and everything will start working out the way they are suppose to. This sound so nice, but I'm not willing to have no procedure done on me nor am I about to cough up all that money for something I don't really believe in. What do you guys think???


  1. Dear ShAy-SHaY,

    You did the right thing by not parting with your life' saving. It will eventually leads to that.
    Psychics are real but they have bills to pay too.
    Strengthen your faith in God because only HE can make things happen.

  2. yea that was my thought exactly...thanx