Thursday, June 10, 2010


I haven't blogged in what feels like ages mostly because I didn't really have anything to discuss. Everything in my life has been blah and I have been through an emotional roller coaster but nothing too serious.

Well I have gone on vacations with my girls. For memorial wknd I went to Cancun, Mexico and had a blast. Our hotel was nice and we met some new pple and drank day in and out. Every single one of my friends got drunk at least once, except for my alcoholic ass. I must've had like 10 shots, and drinks after drinks and I never got a buzz.. Of course we took millions of pictures and we got closer as we always do everytime we go on vacation together.

Two days after I came back from Mexico, I went to Los Angeles to celebrate my best friend's 23rd bday and we had a lot of fun there as well. Although it was just 3 of us that went, we were still able to have a good time and take just as many pics as we would have if all the girls were there. I loved LA but it isn't somewhere to visit if you are not financially stable so of course I did have my emotional roller coaster there as well, which I will discuss on another blog.

Now I am back home and tomorrow I go back to the hell hole I call my job. I hate that job but it's the only thing that is keeping money in my pocket so until I find a new gig (which I hope will happen really soon), I am stuck there. Pray for me pple because I need something soon before I have a complete meltdown.


  1. Def praying for better things for you.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. I Hope Things Get Better 4u Missy....Keep Your Head Up Mama.... What's That Saying? The Rain Comes B4 The Flowers....I Dunno....Well What I'm Trying To Say Is Things Get Better With Time.

  3. thanx ladies...i really appreciate it