Sunday, November 8, 2009

Overreacting As Usual

Everything has been going good with me and Stuy lately and I've been pretty happy. But of course that wasn't going to last.

Thursday we're on the phone talking and I mention to him that my male best friend is visiting from Atlanta on Sunday and I plan on chilling with him on MONday after work. He automatically says no I'm not and I'm like yes I am. He goes on to say that he's not okay with that and I'm like well that's my best friend and I haven't seen him in mad long so I will be chilling with him Monday. Then he says he finds it funny that I have time to chill with this guy but I never have time for him. Like are you really serious?? This guy goes to school from Monday-Thursday and works Monday-Friday and I work mostly Monday-Friday. The only time we really get to see each other is on the weekends or if I go see him in the week right quick so I was annoyed he even put that blame on me. I ended up hanging up the phone on him.

Friday I call him on my lunch break, but I notice that he is being shady. When I question him he says no he's not. He finally admits that he is still upset about the day before and the fact that I'm disrespecting him because I said I'm going to chill with my friend. I personally don't think its disrespectful and I'm like I respect you enough to tell you. I could've just went n hung out and then told you after...or not at all. In the end he says if I plan no chilling with my friend, then we are over and to not call him again. So I said well I am goingto chill with my friend and that's that. So he says its over and I hang up.

So I'm asking pple if they agree with it disrespectful to hang out with my best friend and everyone agrees with me.

Later that night, Stuy starts texting me as if nothin even happened, mind you its like 4am. I question him and ask why are you texting me and he says wow he can't text me. We keep going back and forth and in the end he's like give me my fuckin money and get your ipod. So I say fine. So to me we are over.

When I'm heade to him, he asks me to bring him food cuz he's sick and hungry and even though I didn't want to, I did anyway. We end up talking about everything and I guess you can say we worked it out, but I let it be known that we are not back together. I really don't know if I want to be with him anymore.

One of the reasons is because he admitted to me that he started talking to another girl when I went to Miami in October. I'm in utter shock right now. Then he has the nerve to say that we was broken up...I'm like we broke up for 2 fuckin days and you started talkin to some next girl. He says that nothing happened between him and her, they just hung out twice but idk how to grasp that. I mean you didn't just meet this girl. She must have been around prior to you supposedly "talking to her". So right now, I'm keeping my distance.

What do you guys think about everything??


  1. Be happy he told you anything to begin with. Most guys would have just strung you along.
    When guys start tellin the truth, its a good sign that they are growing up and starting to realize they cant keep up wth the lies anymore. But one truth is usually just the begining. He might have much more to tell you that you might not wanna hear.
    Take the L and keep it moving.

  2. Ugh Men...Smh...Im In My Hate Men Mode Rite Now, But Definitely Just Be Glad He Told You And Didn't Lead You On. I Guess You Hanging Out With Your Friend Got The Truth Out Of Him So Ur Better Off This Way.